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Pokemon Training for Beginners

Pokemon Training for Beginners

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This tutorial will teach you how to train your pokemon to be used for competitive battling in pokemon Black and White. This tutorial is aimed at beginners and will not have any assumed knowledge of the competitive battling scene.

Things you should know

There are a few concepts you need to know about before you can begin breeding and training the perfect pokemon.

Individual Values

IVs (individual values)vare the base stats of a pokemon, they range from +0 to +31 for each stat. These values can not be changed on a pokemon and you must breed to get idea IVs.

Effort Values

EVs (effort values) are points that are given to your pokemon each time it gains experience from a pokemon fainting. These points are added onto your base stats, each pokemon can have a total of 510 EVs and each stat can have a total of 255 EVs go towards it, For every 4 EV values in a stat, the stats base stat goes up by 1, because of this the must EVs you should put into one stats is 252 as the last 3 would be wasted.


Every pokemon has a nature, a nature gives + 10% to one stat and – 10% to another. This can be used to our advantage for example if you have a pokemon that has mainly physical attacks and doesnt use special attacks it would be good to have the natures ‘Adamant’ as it increases the heavly used attack stat by 10% and decreases the unused special attack stat by 10%.


The first thing you want to do when trying to train your pokemon is to breed one that has the correct nature, ability, moves and IVs.

This is post is not finished

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